Casino Games

casino gamesCasino games have taken off in Singapore with so many options all geared towards this market. It is therefore a total necessity to have a comprehensive guide to all Singapore free casino games including their bonuses, their games and their payouts. We are here to provide you with everything you need in order to start gaming successfully. Nothing is worse that playing at an online casino to find out that they have slow payout times, or that their ratios are not what you originally thought. Our team have put in the work to take the stress out of your online gaming experience. The words for Singapore gaming should be casino games free, relaxing and enjoyable.

What Casino Games Singapore Casinos Have To Offers

As there is no specific law that holds back Singapore players from playing online casino games free- you need to know exactly what online Singapore casinos have to offer before throwing the dice! Online casinos in Singapore generally offer incredible features including high level security, top software, generous bonus structures and speedy transactions with high payout percentages. We are here to take a closer look.

Before playing you should be aware and take into account certain factors before embarking on a Singapore online casino journey.

The first thing to consider is Licensing Jurisdiction. You need to check that the online casino you are about to play in has a gambling license granted by a well known jurisdiction. This means that the casino is very much legal. How do you find this information? Online casinos have this information listed on their website. If they do not, then dig a little deeper- check out their ‘about us’ pages, or as a last resort, you can email support and ask for this information.

Security is also a major factor that should be offered by all online Singapore free casino games. This should be checked to see that the online casino games in question are using the very latest. And most up to date security that protects your sensitive data with the most current SSL encryption.

Is the latest Software being offered?  Online casino games free software should be of the highest quality and extremely reputable with a large amount of casino games free on offer.

Payment processing can often be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right online casino. Winnings should arrive thick and fast into your bank account and payment methods should include your preferred choice. Casino games selection should also be thick and fast. If your chosen online free casino games are being powered by the most up to date and well known software, then everything about game play should be incredible. The most popular titles should be on offer, as well as a wide selection of games including the ones listed below.

Roulette is often celebrated as one the gambling industry’s most popular games, everyone should be familiar with it as the very first thing you think of when you think of any casino. These casino games are very easy to follow- players place their bets on a roulette table and predict which number and color the ball will fall into once the roulette wheel eventually stops spinning. It is a simple game with the possibility of an incredible outcome.

These casino games play out in an easy manner. The roulette wheel is spun out in a single direction and a metal ball is dropped into the spinning wheel as it loses speed. As the wheel spins, and as the ball is still in motion, players can still place their bets on where they think the ball will land.

With roulette, it is good to remember that every bet is paid out at a different rate. Payouts are measured based on the probability of the result actually happening.

Blackjack is an incredibly simple card game that brings together all different elements including skill, chance and high doses of entertainment. The game itself is traditionally played against the dealer in a real-life or online casino, although multiplayer black is becoming more and more popular as players in casino games play against each other. The game has low odds and high excitement.

Black Jack is also known as ‘21’ – the aim of the game is to get your hand as close to 21 as possible without going over this magic number. Once you go over, you say goodbye to your winnings for that game. The very best free casino games should offer black jack.

In these free casino games blackjack hosts 5-7 players- each player is given a card- sometimes face up, sometimes face down. Face up cards offer a better idea of accuracy when it comes to predictions. Card values are standard- jack, queen and kind are worth 10, aces are generally flexible- counting for 1 or 11. A hand that hits 21 immediately is a win.

Slots are also called slot machines and pokies in some territories but they all mean the same thing. They are seen in online casino games free all over the world and they all have their own sets of rules. Enter your coin and wait for the icons to line up in the combination you need to win big. Some machines offer fruits, some symbols, some even are themed around popular movies. Slots can even have more than one pay line with more complicated slots having 5 reels and some casino games are even linked together to delay payout and make the game play that much more exiting.

Sic Bo
Sic Bo is a fun dice casino game which pays different odds for the different bets offered. On the Sic Bo Board you place your bets on what dice combinations you think will be rolled. There are three dice which are rolled and then the different winning bets are paid off. You can bet 1, 2 or 3 dice combinations all of which have different odds based on the probabilities of the combination being rolled.

The easiest way to learn the different Sic Bo bets offered is by looking at the board. As said, you can bet a single number, two dice combinations or three dice combinations. Looking at the board you can see the different dice combinations offered and the payouts for each bet. See below for an example of a larger Sic Bo table.

Many Sic Bo players place multiple bets, some being high probabilities of winning some which pay higher odds because of the difficulty of winning the bet. All dice count towards winning the bet so if for example you bet that a 4 will be rolled, as long as one of the three dice rolled is a 4 you win.